I’m Putting the Blocks Together for a New Level of Unity

Voices: Acijam Otxoa, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: June 16, 2019

Acijam Otxoa- Maggie started singing about the goodness of the Lord. I saw a piece of honeycomb, it was just right, and then I saw a mouth, a perfect, beautiful mouth, with amazing, white, beautiful teeth, perfectly aligned. As I zoomed into the image, I saw the state of Texas being the shape of this honeycomb, and the Lord bite into the honeycomb, from the tip, the portion that is in the Houston area, by the Gulf of Mexico, and when he bite into it, the honey started dripping, very strong, and just like a river, flowing all the way down in front of his garment, as He touched the floor of the state of Texas, the honey dripped into the gulf coast, both sides, and it just kept going and going and going and going.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now, we just looked at this Friday, coming back from Saturday, coming back from Tallahassee, or Friday, whenever it was, Leanne heard a word, a strange word. Leanne Squire – It was a strange word.

Chuck Pierce – You remember that word?

Leanne Squire – Yeah that word was tessellation, tessellation.

Chuck Pierce – Now, that word the best way to understand that word, it’s where you have a whole, but it’s made up of complex intercut shapes that have been put together, and that’s really what the body of Christ looks like. We are complex, we are all shapes and forms, our gifts are different, but God has wedged us and placed us together to form a whole, just like a honeycomb. Now, think about how a honeycomb is put together with all of these cells that are linked together, and remember what the Lord showed me about the miracle box, in there? The miracle center, is it looked like, I had a dream, it looked like a honeycomb, and the Lord says to us today, I am beginning to put something together that I can taste and see that is good, not you taste and see that is good, that I can taste and see that is good, and when I bite into what I put together, it will begin to run down my beard. For I say, my people will come into a new level of unity, my people will lay down their differences and they will begin to align with each other and become the intricate power and sweetness of the earth. I say to you, get ready, I’m putting together something you ain’t ever seen before.

Leanne Squire – One feature of a tessellation is that there are no gaps. There are no gaps, and there are no overlaps, so in this intricate pattern it’s like this one thing is turned, and it’s turning in different ways, and it’s fitly joined. And there’s also no overlaps, which means no one else is infringing on your area that God has given you to fully possess, right? Amen.

Chuck Pierce- Now this is a revelation of what we look like. That was what Pam saw when she wrote that thing back in the 70s, she saw us being put together, no gaps, we were linked together by this incredibly Godly membrane that was pulling us, it was breathing as one, and the Lord says to us, you are being realigned in ways you aren’t even aware of, and this is a day you must find your place in my alignment. I say to you, I will have a people that know how to fill in the gaps! The gaps are where demons operate. I will have a people that remove the gaps out of their spheres. I say to you, I am preparing a people that will cause the gaps in territories to be filled in, and the glory to be tasted!

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