I’m Ready to Tear Down the House and Rebuild It

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Kerry Hansher
Date Given: September 27, 2020

Kerry Hansher – So when I got up this morning I immediately started hearing Psalm 1:27 that talks about if the Lord doesn’t build the house the builders labor in vain. And I read it in the passion translation and it talks about the grace of the Lord being poured out. And I hear the Lord saying today that He is rebuilding our houses. He’s rebuilding the House of Representatives. He’s rebuilding the justice house. He’s rebuilding our families. He’s rebuilding us, the house of God. So Father, we thank You that You have heard our prayers, that You have heard our repentance. You have heard our cries and because You are a God that is full of grace, You are now taking us into a season. I hear the Lord saying we have just now today stepped in to the right time where we over the next two months are going to begin to see the Lord rebuild the houses of government, our family, education, the market place, And we as the house of God are being rebuilt.

Chuck Pierce – Now the Lord said it to me this way. He said, “I must tear down the House of Representatives.” And I want you to pray that that which is not building with wisdom get torn down and ripped out. All of the See us just praying, the way we’ve been praying, ain’t going to work. It is going to have to be torn down. It is going to have to be torn down because He also says a divisive lady ruins her house. And that’s a word from God for this nation. And the Lord said, “He’s ready to tear it down and rebuild it.” The Lord then said this, “some of the longterm politicians of this land who have made a career just like pastors who have made a career, of just being in place, because it’s a job.” He said, “He’s ready for it to go.” The Lord said, “He’s about, He is redoing the voice coming through.” What, The platforms that He has created. Lord, we say right now the voice from the platforms are being I don’t care one thing about Republican or Democrat. God says “I am a God who creates and I raise up some. I let some down and I am ready to deflate some who have used their platform for their voice. Father, we loose it right now.