I’m Sending Down to Affect the Ground

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Shatece McLeod – (Speaking in the Spirit)

Chuck Pierce – I say I’m sending shouts, and I’m sending sounds, and I’m sending movements down. I say, get ready, for I’m sending a shift down, and it is the shift in my people’s inward parts that’s causing a movement and shift in the earth. I say, I’m sending down to affect the ground.

Lisa Lyons – The Lord says, now is the time, this is not just a spirit of fear that you are dealing with. It is a terroristic spirit. The Lord says there is a terroristic occupation that is taking place with that virus and now is the time we deal with it. Now is the time we rise up and say, there will be no intimidation in this nation. There will be no fear in this nation. The Lord says, I am sending my lightning from heaven, and piercing that spirit of terroristic intimidation.

Chuck Pierce – Let the remnant arise from nation to nation to nation.

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