It’s Time for You to Come Out in the Sun

Voices: Acijam Otxoa, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Kendrick Lewis
Date Given: August 11, 2019

Acijam Oxtoa – (Speaking in the Spirit)

Chuck Pierce – And I would say to you, “I see you in your enclosed place. I see you as you sit and attempt to heal, that which needs to be healed. But I say to you this is not a time of licking and mending your wounds over and over. This is a time for you coming out into the sun, for it is the sun that will now heal your wounds. And the sun that will burn out, that which is within you. So I say to you, don’t back up and hide again. Come out, come out and watch me begin to bring you into wholeness.”

Keevy Phillips – For the Lord will say to you even now, you have forgotten where you have come from, says the Lord. For some of you have settled yourself, into where you are now, but you have forgotten that you are from a royal priesthood, says the Spirit of the Lord. Do not confine yourself to where you are, nor confine yourself to the bloodline that you’re in for there is a higher stream of blood that I have given to you. That same blood that ran down Calvary’s cross, is your blood, says the Lord. Do not submit to the bad things in your bloodline for there is a higher blood and forget not where you come from for you are my sheep, says the Lord. And I still am the good shepherd. I still am the good shepherd. I still am the good shepherd, says the Lord. Watch me shepherd you this month, as we go into this new era I will reveal myself as the good shepherd, says the Lord.

Female – And the Lord would say to you, “Keep your eyes on me because I’m going to be the one that’s leading you. You are afraid to come out into the sun, because in the sun you are exposed and what if everybody sees, and what if everybody says something but you don’t see what they see and I’m not about what is exposed in the sun, I’m about the shining that’s coming from inside of you. And what’s inside of you, is what’s going to radiate beyond what is seen, beyond what is exposed and that is what will lead into the new.

Kendrick Lewis – I had dream about 3 o’clock this morning and there I was in a bright light and there was a wall, with writings on the wall and it said “It will work out.” When I was thinking about that to put it into my spirit is that we are in a season of training in the times where the kingdom of the second part of Heaven is raging war against the Kingdom of God. So it clashes together you feel the intensity of the heat, so it’s like with 3 Hebrew boys who refused to compromise, who refused to submit to the earthly authority. But submit to the Lord God Almighty and then through the fire, God’s going to be with you through the fire, when the intensity of the heat. He’s prepared you for something, what’s to come, so hold onto the promise of God.

Chuck Pierce – And that’s why I came up here, the Lord says, “My spotlight is on you. You are to radiate and cause the light I put on you to cause the darkness to separate and dispel. My light is on you, you cause the darkness around you to separate and dispel.” Now Father we loose this over us today, that fire in us, that light on us, we decree everywhere we walk, there’s a radiation going on.

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