Let the Cork of Your River Pop

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Kathy Summers
Date Given: October 22, 2023

Chuck Pierce – But Kathy, it looked like the river caused champagne.

–  [Kathy Summers] Ah.

Chuck Pierce – And, it really did! And, it was like… The cork popped. And, you begin to bubble, bubble…

– [Kathy Summers] Yeah!

Chuck Pierce – You begin to bubble over. And, you begin to pour out. And show every… And, I saw people stepping in your river! And when they did, they became effervescent! They became filled with life!

– [Kathy Summers] Yeah!

Chuck Pierce – They became healed. Just shout, “Let the cork pop!”

Kathy Summers – Let the cork pop! It’s popping! Pop, pop!

Chuck Pierce – Some of you need to let that pressure you’ve been under…

– [Kathy Summers] Yeah!

Chuck Pierce – Push the cork out!

Kathy Summers – ♪ Push it out push it out ♪ ♪ Push it out push it out ♪

Chuck Pierce – Let the pressure push that cork out, and let Him flow through you.

Kathy Summers – ♪ Yeah ♪

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