Listen for Your Dry Bones Assignment

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says, “You’re fighting against “many things that are out there, “but I am looking at My army who is gathering together “to fight with Me,” saith the Lord. Lord, we loose this over us right now. I heard something else through Betty. The Lord said to us, “Listen for your dry bones assignment. “Listen for your dry bones assignment. “For there’s been things that have been scattered “that I’m gonna send you in to speak to, “and watch them begin to rattle. “I’m gonna change the scattering to a rattling, “and watch things come together, “and then you’ll break down that hope deferred, “and you will call together that new thing “that I am pulling out of what was scattered. “Listen to your dry bones assignment. “And I say all my horses that have been mannequins “on carousels, going round and round, “I’m blowing resurrection life into ’em, “and they’re coming off the carousel, “and they’re gonna be heard as they go throughout the land.”

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