Look Forward I’m Slapping the Mouths of the Rivers of this Nation

Voices: Anne Tate, Barbara Wentroble, Eleanor Roehl, LeAnn Squier, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: January 3, 2020

Barbara Wentroble – For I say, I am shaking. There is a shaking in the earth. And I say, I am shaking everything that can be shaken. The Lord says, know that this is a time that kingdoms are shaking in the earth. Know that this is a time, that I am causing my blood bought church to arise in a new way. I say, that, that has tried to suppress you, that, that has tried to hold you back. Know that this is a time God says, I am going to cause such a revolution in the earth, that the world has never seen. I say this is a time, says the Lord. That, that has tried to terrorize My church. That, that has tried to terrorize Israel. I say, watch Me, says the Lord. As I use My blood bought church to terrorize the enemy. For I say there are more that are for you than there are that are against you.

So I say, this is an hour. My Kingdom, is about to arise and expand in a new way. That, that’s tried to stop you, That, that’s tried to put fear in you. I say you will cause fear in the heart of the enemy. God says this is a new time. Do not hold back. Do not think of what I have done in days past. For I say, a new era has arrived. And when a new era arises, I use a voice to break the power of the past and to push my people forward. I say no longer is it just one voice. No longer is it just an individual voice, but I say I have a corporate man in the earth. I say, I have one new man on the earth. And I say out of that corporate voice, will I cause kingdoms to shake? Will I cause ungodly antichrist rulers to fall in this hour? God said, watch Me, as I released My kingdom voice in the earth. For that, that you have not seen in days past, I say will manifest in this hour, and you will see the heart of God released in the earth in a new way.

Eleanor Roehl – And even in this corporate voice, the Lord says, that I am bringing many voices and many streams together, that will form My kingdom. Mighty rushing river to go throughout the land, for even as My voice goes throughout the land, it is rolling off the reproach, off from this nation. For no longer will this nation be under this reproach. But I say, that I’m even changing the very landscape of the political parties.

I say, that I’m causing My kingdom government to come into place. That will shift the nation, that will shift the election, that will even bring forth My promise and My word, and even the nations to come into a holy alignment and even convergence. That will not only shift the election, and shift this nation into that Godly nation. But I say to you, that nations will begin to align themselves with Israel and with America again. Those that have turned their backs, will no longer turn their backs, they will turn and they will repent. For I say that I’m bringing a holy convergence in this new era.

Lisa Lyons – And in this year, this decade of the mouth, I am setting my hand on the mouths of the rivers in this nation. And I heard the Lord say, there are strategies of the enemy, that are gonna seek to enter the blood stream, the blood flow of this nation, through the mouths of the river. But the Lord says, my hand is on them. And I’m slapping the mouth, I’m slapping the Mississippi, I’m slapping the Charles, I’m slapping the mouths of the rivers throughout this country. And they’re gonna make a new sound. And they will spew forth every pal the plans of the enemy that have been sent.

Anne Tate – And in this season, I’m setting a new watchman in place. And that watchman will watch the rivers. They will watch what comes in, and they will watch what goes out. And you will shout it out, you will begin to decree what you see in the river. So pay attention in the territories of the earth where you are, and set the watchman in place to watch the rivers, and what is coming in and what is going out. Pay attention, watchman.

LeAnn Squier – And I hear the Lord saying, He is sending you help, He is sending you help. He’s sending strategic warriors, strategic sound to come along side of you. And as the natives begin to come across here, it was like he had stealth, stealthy people that knew things that I did not know. And so let’s sing that again and let’s bring them across. ♪ God is fighting for us! ♪

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