Make Room for Empty Spaces

Voices: John Dickson
Date Given: December 31, 2022

John Dickson – And the Lord says, make empty spaces. Make some empty spaces. Go get those empty jars. Not full jars. Empty jars. Like LeAnn was saying, it’s time to, to get rid of the old and step into the new. But you can’t unless you empty some spaces. Violet and I just had our interior of our house painted and we had to take everything in the house out and pack it up and put it in the garage, up in the attic, wherever we could find. And so we started bringing the stuff back in and it’s like I don’t want that. And it was some things that were, you know, heirloom level, things that were never on the list of I’m gonna clean up and get rid of this or that. Violet said, let’s throw these away. I said, yeah, let’s throw those away. And so we begin filling up our trash can. But we have empty spaces in our house. We have empty spaces in our house. Hallelujah. God’s gonna fill ’em all up with new.

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