Miracles Will Manifest in Wars

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Ray Garcia
Date Given: January 3, 2024

Ray Garcia – For the nations and beyond. On December 29th at 6:54 AM, I was intentionally listening to the Holy Spirit, and I listened to this in my spirit clearly, man will not get the glory for what I’m doing for the First Nation’s people. I am doing sovereign moves that many will hear about it but never see it coming. Those people that will lean into me will sense it and see it in its early movements and will glorify me. Call the people to lean into me in 2024 because the movements have begun. It is a time to war. It is a sovereign move from God himself. God is about restoration and reconciliation of the people of this land for his glory and not for man’s. For the Lord says, I have moved slow, because I have not wanted man to take credit for the movements. Know this, that I am going to bring my people into the place I originally intended them to be. I will use those with a pure and clean heart and clean hands to assist me to bring this to pass. Watch for the remnants that start leaning towards me for more in 2024 because they’re the ones that I will be using. So clean up and position yourselves now. In 2024, you’ll see my hands swiftly through the tribes to remove to the side what needs to be moved so I can heal them as it flows into America and the world. I must do this so they can receive and embrace what I have for them since the beginning of time. They will be voices that will arise that must be heard because I am bringing them to the forefront. I have been preparing them for this moment of my time. So watch, I say again, watch, those leaning into me in 2024, they’re leaning because I am pressing them, I’m pressing my words into them for the nations to receive me. Apostle Chuck said it, that God has his angels surrounded around America and I see and say that it is because he is awakening the first nations of America to manifest his presence for the rest of America and beyond for his awakening moments.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now we’re gonna ask the Lord to do something. See, God has an order. First, the land, the first people of the land, the first covenant made in the land. We’re gonna ask the Lord, Negiel, to redo the governmental remnant in every tribe. Lord, we’re gonna ask you to develop apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and Lord send them forth an evangelist from the remnant of their tribes. Father, we call forth a new move of God in the tribes in Jesus’ name. Now Father, we speak into the religious sectarianism that exists and we say, redo the remnant of your religious tribes. We speak into the political structures and we set an order so that powers cannot overplay their hand and rule us. Father, we are here in this place you have set aside for miracles. We ask for miracles to come in to every one of these war areas. I speak over everyone listening, I say they will see miracles in the midst of their wars this year. The Lord says, do not shy back from the wars I send you into for you’ll see miracles in those wars.

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