Moments Can Make Testimonies

Voices: Anne Tate
Date Given: April 4, 2021

Anne Tate – I have a testimony. I’m moving in with Aaron, and Tiffany, and their family. Nine years ago, my son died, and the Lord replaced him. Eight years ago, my husband died and the Lord gave me a now life. He filled me up with three grandchildren.’ And yesterday we had a technician come over to move my TV to the new house. And Aaron went out to get the car, to put the TV in and he said, “Is Aaron, your son?” I said, not by blood, but by the Lord. And he said, “I never thought “I would see that kind of love “or friendship in the United States of America.” And I said, where are you from? He said, “Afghanistan.” And I said, my husband served in Afghanistan not as a soldier, but as a peace officer, recreating, and raising up peace officers in your Nation. He was so moved. I told Aaron, you never know when you’re making a testimony. You never know when you’re testifying of what the Lord has done in your life. I wanna tell you, my life is good- And the Lord restored and brought life, and it’s now.

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