Move With the Ticking of My Clock

Voices: Jane Arenas
Date Given: March 19, 2023

Jane Arenas – So in this dream, we were in this big center and we were in the middle of this large hallway that we’ve set up for people to come. And people were there, and Chuck with the same oomph that he has been this morning, he was in that dream telling people, “Move with the ticking of the clock. Move with the ticking of the clock.” He was getting onto several people there. And I didn’t wait for him to come to me, I just started moving like this to the ticking of the clock. And people, instead of moving with this clock, they went over to this presentation that was only meant to draw them into what God was really trying to do in that moment. And they started worshiping. Still speaking in tongues, worshiping, and then what surrounded them was this green smoke. And I was like, “Where is the ticking of the clock? I could not hear it.” And so what the Lord was saying was like, “You know, it’s simple. You just gotta keep moving with My time.” This is not a time to try to go back into an old form of worship because you’re trying to find comfort in an old paradigm that is not there anymore and you will stink if you stay in that place. You will stink. It is like a baby with a stinky diaper walking around, people will smell it. And the Lord is saying, “I need vulnerability in My people so that they can be cleansed and made whole and come into the movement that I am bringing in the earth.”

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