Move With the Vehicle of My Movement

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 22, 2023

Chuck Pierce – I pray over every first fruit gift that comes in this place. In this past week, the Lord showed me one from three months ago. It was something that was made and brought to me. And He said, “You know, I know when it’s time for My people to find their new way, and to move in a different place.” I’m gonna ask Amman to demonstrate it. And the Lord says to you, “You get ready. The vehicle you thought you’d be moving on is not the one that’s gonna take you where you need to go. You get ready to move with Me and you watch to see what I have brought in your path to move with. I say get ready ’cause I will move you, I will accelerate you, and I will get you to your new place, but it won’t be cause you control the way,” sayeth the Lord.

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