My Blood Is Creating New Realities for You

Voices: Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 14, 2021

Robyn Vincent – The Lord says that, “You’re gonna begin to understand that My blood is creating new realities for you. That My blood goes deeper than you have ever known. My blood begins to create things that you know not of.” And so the Lord says, “This is a season that the church will stop negating the power of My blood.” He says, “It’s My blood that creates a new way. It’s My blood that creates a living word. It’s My blood that goes before you it clears the path and creates a new reality for you.” So the Lord says. As I was looking at what they had up there before, you could see the blood was working with us. There was a glory that the blood of Jesus was stirring on the inside of us. And so Father, we thank you God. The blood! The blood! The blood in Jesus name!

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