My Choice Is to Realign My Armies This Year

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 18, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, this is My moment of realigning. I have chosen this to be the year to realign My armies. I have said I’ll realign from heaven to earth, and I’ll realign from earth to heaven I say, this is not your choice this year, this is My choice do not forget I am God. And there is no other like Me I have ultimate choice. I give you opportune times to choose, but then I make choices I say, I am realigning a people with strength, with power, with a different look I say, I know how to break division and I have a people who will cross barriers, I have a people who will go over walls. I have a people that today I am rising up within them. And those that will war with Me, in the future are now rising up sayeth the Lord.

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