My Divine Selah Is Redoing You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Maggie Wallace
Date Given: August 16, 2020

Maggie Wallace – *Singing in The Spirit*

Chuck Pierce – And I say because you wouldn’t pause, I had to set us a Selah in place, I say now that divine Selah that I sent on your behalf, has caused the redoing of your person. A redoing of your vision, a redoing of your resources. I said, “I Selah’d you so you would hear and see me in a way you’ve never seen me before.” I say, “look up for now the redemption of your inheritance is beginning to manifest above you.” I say, “find ways to pull that down, find ways to pull that in to a reality that you’ve been longing to see.” For this is a time you have paused, now I say you will begin to move in an accelerated way.

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