My Heart is Moving Through the Church

Voices: Susan Shaulis
Date Given: April 11, 2020

Susan Shaulis – I’ve been hearing the Lord say all weekend that there’s been a cataract on the heart of the church. And the Lord says, I’m stripping it today, so the pouring out can now flow. And He says, I’ve silenced the vibrations in the earth, so the vibrations of My blood will begin a new cellular structure and movement in the heart of My people that will pump with the radiant blood of who I am.

So know today, I’ve stripped the fog off of the heart, and I’m beginning a whole new movement in your heart and the work of the heart of the church. And He says, There’s going to be such a flow, a pouring out of giving. But He said, The harvest will begin to receive that which our hearts are beginning to demonstrate. So know that the loving kindness of My life and the love that I have for you is going to begin to so shine and move through My heart. So let it pump, let it radiate, let it go. For the heart of my heart is beginning to move in the church in an all-new way.

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