My Joel Army Will Arise Within The Next 4 Years

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 10, 2020

Anne Tate – Now yesterday, all day long, I heard boots on the ground. Or things marching. And I heard moccasined feet and I saw feet with boots on them and then I saw dancers and I saw angels with them. And the Lord says, “This is Joel’s Army.” That’s what it looks like. You move in the moment by the way the Lord is moving. Not by the way that man has taught you, but what He’s calling for in the moment. And He said, “This army that is coming up, that you’re just glimpsing, the beginning of right now.” He said, “They’ll not leave a leaf. They will not leave a blade of grass. They will overtake evil from one end to the other. There’ll be nothing left. They’ll be the locust of evil and they will take out every evil thing as they move.”

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says, “I’m stirring up the hornets. I’m stirring up that which is going to cause you to take the land. I’m stirring up my movement. Get in with me and my movement. My movement will go through darkness and my movement will go through occult forces. And my movement will even face off devils that have been controlling entire thrones throughout the earth. I say to you, there’s a Joel’s Army arising that will move past and I tell you within four years my Joel’s Army will be demonstrating a power like never before. So watch over the next four months as I gather my armies, as I call them to realign, and as I position them into the forces ahead. I say to you now, you will restore things that have never been restored and nations will acknowledge that there’s an army of God within them. And they will choose their direction in the midst of my army presenting through the atmosphere my plan. I say, watch as this Joel’s Army advances.”

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