My Light-bearers Will Uncover Occult Structures

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: February 5, 2023

Barbara Wentroble – When I woke up this morning I heard the spirit of the Lord say this is a time that I’m going to begin to uncover. The Lord says, there’s going to be an uncovering during this season that that has been hidden for years and years, even for generations. The Lord said, watch Me pull off the covers and watch Me expose that that has been hidden. For I say darkness can no longer hide that that I am trying to uncover. For I say I have some light bearers in the earth, and I say these light bearers are shining light so that darkness cannot no longer hide. The Lord said, watch Me as I turn around some things and I say even some structures that have been hidden in darkness, I say watch Me as I begin to expose in this hour. God says, know that your light has been shining that that seemed, that would never happen. God said, this is the season so watch Me light bearers and watch Me see that that you been contending for. That that you’ve been believing for. Watch Me as I begin to pull off the blinders, pull back the darkness and cause My light to shine in this new season.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, Hear this word. Do you know what she just said? There’s gonna be occult. It’s gonna be a focus of the Lord to start pulling occult structures down and occult means hidden. Only an occult structure can stop your perception from seeing the truth. I decree right now, occult structures are being pulled away. Father we say right now, we’ll see things the way You see things.

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