My Light Is Breaking Up Evil Cell Clusters

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady
Date Given: April 29, 2020

Marty Cassady – And the Lord says, I have put a fire within your bones. It was there even before the foundation of the earth. But there was a timing issue set in that fire that I’ve set in your bones, And He says. It is time for that to be released. And I put a backbone in my army that will stand tall, that will stand firm that will march forth and see My kingdom come.

Chuck Pierce – Now, as Marty was saying that I kept having a vision while I was standing up here, and LeAnn was singing, and it was cell clusters. And I saw them in two dimensions, cell clusters of evil where people were plotting evil, and the Lord was saying, Send the light into those clusters. And then the other was cell clusters, Rebellious clusters that were amassing in people’s body and the Lord said tonight I’m giving you authority over those cell clusters that are amassing in people’s body And I say the light now is striking, the light is striking those, those clusters. I say, God is breaking them up. I don’t know if it’s cancer. I don’t know if it’s this COVID thing, or flu or what it is, but they’re evil cell clusters in bodies. And tonight we’re gaining authority over them.

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