My Name Is the Key That Unlocks

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: August 29, 2021

Linda Heidler – I had a dream this week. And in the dream, there were these three gray looking figures. They didn’t have any distinguishable features. And they had come around me, and they had just completely captured me, and they were folding my body so they could put me in this crate, that was about two feet by two feet cubed. And it had slats, but you could see out between the slats. And I kept thinking, “My body is not gonna fit in this crate,” but they, I mean, I was just like all contorted and they stuffed me in that crate. And then they nailed it closed.

They picked it up and they stacked it on this stack. There were crates. I mean, just hundreds of crates that they had all stuffed people in and stacked ’em all over. And I remembered I still had my cellphone. So I said, “Siri, text Robert, tell him I’m captured in a crate. Come get me.” And in a few minutes, Robert came exactly where I was. He knew exactly what crate I was in. He got me down, took the nails off, and pulled me out. So, when Chuck said, “Stretch out,” I thought I could not move in that place. I was so constricted. I was so confined. I couldn’t even believe my bones weren’t broken because of the way they had twisted me and contorted me to fit in this crate. But I sent the dream to Chuck last night. And he said, share it and he would prophecy.

Chuck Pierce – Now, it sort of looks like where many, many, many are. Where the enemy is coming in a very obscure way to begin to put us in a very narrow place. And if you did not listen to Robert Handler’s message last week, that was probably one of the best messages I’ve ever heard. And when Linda had her phone, she knew to call Robert. Well, I kept thinking Robert’s message was the name of God and how to really process that name. So let me prophesy this over you. Linda said there were crates and crates, and he knew exactly where to come to. The Lord knows exactly how to get you out of your hard place.

“And I would say to you, the enemy is coming to try to form a threefold cord against you, to minimize you, and to lock you into a place, and make you common with everything around you. But I say to you, I already have put in you the way to get out. I have put in you the way to call out, and I have put in you the help that is already for you, the help that is already on the way. I say, you will be delivered, and come through this narrow place, and be brought into the place that I have for you. My name is key to unlock what you need to have unlocked. So I say to you, get ready. Help is on the way.”

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