My Roar Will Heal the Breaks and Tears in Your Being

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: June 26, 2020

Shatece McLeod- Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say, “I am sending blitz out throughout the earth.” “I am roaring and it is causing explosions, it’s causing things to happen that will cause atmospheres to come into a full rearrangement.” I say, “not only am I blowing, I’m digging in the earth, in the earth realm and I’m causing that grub structure that you once had to walk on, I’m digging up the grubs.” “I’m making food for things to come,” sayeth the Lord. I say, “you won’t be walking on the same ground “that you’ve walked on in the past.” “You’ll be walking with a new authority by faith recreating the ground.” “So get ready, I am sending you out, and this is the time that you will become My new weapon.”

Marty Cassady – And in that tongue heard this, the Lord says, “Some of you are saying, I’m a lover.” “I’m not a warrior.” “I’m a lover.” “I’m not a warrior.” But the Lord says, “the time has come, and I am coming down into the earth realm to anoint you to war.” He says, “I’m even gonna give you new verbiage.” “You’re gonna have a new way to pray.” And He says, “this anointing is going out right now.” “Just receive it,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Wow! Well I have a word for you. His lovers are warriors. His lovers are warriors. His lovers are warriors. All you’ve got to do is read Song of Solomon. They created a procession of war, so that His ark can come in. That’s what intimate lovers do they war together as one. I heard one last thing. It’s very interesting sentence. The Lord said, “My roar will heal the breaks and the tears that have occurred in your being.” “My roar will heal the breaks and tears that have occurred in your being.” When they were bringing the flag in I saw a tear in that flag and the Lord said, “See the tear, for that tear I am going to mend and tell My people My roar isn’t just calling them into a place of war, but it’s mending them and making them whole so they can war.”

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