My Seeds Are Springing Up From Your Wreck and Ruin

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Elaine Priestly
Date Given: June 26, 2022

Elaine Priestly – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say many have seen wreck and ruin and focused on that wreck and ruin. But I say when those parts that were scattered fell into the earth, I already had a seed plan. I said, I began to reseed that which came from wreck and ruin. And when I began to reseed it, now I am creating plows that will go through the earth and cause an opening for the springing forth. You watch now what springs forth for things will start springing up even in the heat of summer. And you will say, “How did that come forth during this heat and this destruction?” I say, you watch how I spring forth new crops this hour. And you will even notice seeds from your wreck and your ruin that came up as a fruitful crop, sayeth the Lord.

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