My Wind Will Cause Your Garden to Bloom

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: January 3, 2024

Lisa Lyons – I hear the Lord saying that in that wind this year, I’m gonna blow on your gardens. God says, “You have had fields and gardens that you have planted, that you have tended, that you have watered, that light has come to, but they still have not blossomed.” And it’s because it’s been waiting on the wind. The Lord says, “Just as I breathe into Abraham and Sarah, and caused my breath to bring life into their bodies where they could produce, where they could multiply and fill the earth.” The Lord says, “This year, you watch for my wind, because I am blowing on your gardens and there will be incredible multiplication and incredible life come forth from the seeds that you have planted.”

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, your fragrance has been locked up. And the fragrance of my lands have been locked up. But I say, I will send the strong winds this year to unlock the fragrances that have been locked. Get ready to smell me as I blow, said the Lord.

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