New Offering is Coming Up From the Land

Voices: LeAnn Squier, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: January 4, 2020

– [LeAnn Squier] – And I hear the Lord saying, “There’s going to be new authentic offerings that begin to ascend from the land, all over the earth. New authentic, they’re going to be indigenous. They’re gonna be authentic. They’re going to be, it’s like smoke rising from altars all over the earth and there is a new, it’s just like a new manifestation of worship that to each nation, each tribe, each tongue, each people group. Even like there’s a people group of Harley Davidson bikers, for instance, there’s going to be new expressions that are so authentic. That are going to begin to come from even those kinds of groups. And so Lord we just declare your smoke, your smoke, your offering will ascend. And it’s going to create, like this wrap around effect around the earth. It’s going to fill the earth’s atmosphere with a new sound with a new thing. And it’s a place of devotion. Extreme devotion. God’s people are going to come to Him in new ways of extreme devotion, to Him, and pour out their heart and pour out their sound and they’re going to pull the sound up from deep in the ground. Deep in the ground, deep in the ground the sound is going to come up from deep in the ground and that’s when it’s going to be so authentic. And it’s going to be, hard to resist, just irresistible in the earth and so we just declare, “Lord, let that begin.”

[Michelle Hadley] – When LeAnn was releasing that I heard the Lord say, ♪ The sound will no longer be controlled ♪ ♪ The sound will no longer be controlled ♪ ♪ Because I have need of that sound ♪ ♪ That sound is going to shape nations ♪ ♪ That sound is gonna strengthen nations ♪ ♪ That sound is gonna cause the earth to quake ♪ ♪ That sound is needed in the earth realm ♪ ♪ That sound would go up into the glory realms ♪ ♪ And unlike mysteries ♪ ♪ unlike the mysteries ♪ ♪ that I’ve been longing to release ♪ ♪ I’ve been longing to release, yeah ♪

[LeAnn Squier] – And I hear the Lord saying that you contended with false altars all around the earth. You contended with false altars. You have phoenician altars. With altars to the sun god. And the Lord says, “I have come to a place with you, now that I am unearthing those hidden places.” And the Lord says, “Because you contended.” The Lord says, “Now My altars deep, deep, deep, will lay deep. Are going to begin to arise and manifest their sound.” And you have not even begun to hear the sound of the altar of God in the earth. And so Lord we declare. Father God that this is a time when your altars are beginning to speak. Your altars are beginning to sing. Your altars are going to be heard in a new way.

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