Now Is the Time for Warrior Harvesters to Arise

Voices: Mary Glazier
Date Given: April 6, 2023

Mary Glazier – And God said, He gave me a word at that hour. He said, the Holy Ghost will suddenly begin to move and everything before Him that does not yield to God will be blown away. And I saw structures and homes and ships being blown away by the power of this spirit of the most high God. And He said, “These, who are My warriors.” He said, “These, listen to me. Who are My warriors? Who are My people will rise up and they will have the spirit of God like they’ve never known before and they will bring in the final harvests of the Lord. They will heal those who’ve been devastated. They will pull down strongholds. The enemy will flee before the power of My spirit with the Holy Ghost and the dead will rise and they will know Christ. Those who have no hope will find hope. Those who’ve been in despair will suddenly find themselves rejoicing and dancing and the peoples of the earth, when they see these things they will rise up and say the Lord, He is God, The Lord He alone is God.” That was 30 years ago. The Lord says this day it is no longer a prophecy. It is a declaration. It is here now. It has begun.

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