On Oct 18th America Will Know It Has Come Full Circle

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 8, 2021

Chuck Pierce – And all of a sudden it was a word of knowledge blazed across this place. And it was in the heavenly realms and it said circuit. And all of a sudden I saw the Lord reached down inside of us and He pulled the circuit. You heard Gina’s word, you heard Mr. Hood’s word for us, and all of a sudden, He began to take His hand and re-circuit individuals, and then all of a sudden He began to re-circuit this region and then He began to re-circuit our nation. And you know what happens when you really kill a computer? That’s the easiest way to say it. Is, you see the computer stores all sorts of trash within it, and it really just by you turning it off and turning back on doesn’t get rid of the trash and the garbage that has stored in various portions of it. So you have to go in and you have to kill that circuit and then bring it back up again.

And the Lord said, “I’m going to make My people so in line with My purposes.” This word was given. Gina gave it earlier. So thinking the way I’m thinking that they can only start walking in a new way. And then for this nation, as He was re-circuiting it, I saw a date that came in on that circuit. And all of a sudden it popped back up on October the 18th. So I want to just say from this place here, beginning October the 18th, get ready. The word circuit, I think, means line, it means a line that’s gone out, a message that has gone out, a current that’s gone out and it originated somewhere, and then it came full circle back in.

And the Lord said, “You will know beginning October the 18th in this nation, that things have come full circle. You will also know that I have pulled the plug on things you’ve been asking Me to pull the plug on. And I say when that plug has been pulled, I say, I’ll bring it up one by one. But the messages that have gone out in the past will not be the same messages that I allow to go out in the future. I say, know this because you are in the right place at the right time tonight. Because you have come to and gathered at the place I called you. My line is going out from the heavens. And as My voice goes out on that line, I say to you it will not return void. And what begins tonight in Tennessee will cause a nation to be circuited again with My message.”

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