Our Dance Is Loosing Sounds of Revelation

Voices: Judy Block
Date Given: June 14, 2020

Judy Block – So on my way into church this morning, I heard Holy spirit say that He was releasing new sounds, being a musician and a singer. I was expecting Him to say something about music, but He said, no, these are sounds of revelation that are being loosed. And then I saw these huge great drops of rain now they were so big. They were like a mile wide and the angels were guiding them to certain places in the United States. I saw one land in new Orleans. I saw one land in Chicago and Detroit. I saw one land in New York. I saw one land in Florida. I saw, I saw them in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

And then as it spanned out, I saw these drops landing in different continents and in islands and just all over the place. And then the Holy spirit spoke to me and He said, this is in response to the dance. This is in response to the dance. Dance brings joy and joy brings healing. And then I heard, and then as the raindrops came down and they splattered on the ground and there was ripples that went across the land, the land rippled with the presence of God. And then He said, I am healing the land with the dance. I’m healing the land with joy. And so let’s jiggle when we’re at work. Let’s have a little step. Let’s get happy because God wants to do something powerful.

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