Re-Stich the Seam and See a Divine Order

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: April 28, 2019

Leanne Squire – I just wanna release this before we go because when Chuck was talkin’ about the border cities, I saw something that we needed to decree. And what it was was I saw stitching that had come unraveled. And it was very clear like and when I pondered it for a moment then I realized it was the inside of a pocket. It was a pocket. The other thing the Lord said is I’ve created the border between the US and Mexico to be a seam that does not unravel. To be a seam that does not unravel. And so I feel like we need to declare that. Then the other thing was there’s something about money because I saw the pocket and that unraveled place money was spilling out and going through the pocket and it wasn’t supposed to. And so there was this permeable place in the pocket that was supposed to be sown up.

Chuck Pierce- God’s showin’, God’s sayin’ this. You need to say right now, take a word and sew your pocket up. I tell ya how He’s saying it. He’s saying we’re not focused on how we’re building the future, and if we’ll get focused on how we’re building the future, He’ll sew our pockets up, He’ll fill our pockets and we’ll build and complete what God is saying. Say it again over us.

Leanne Squire – Well Lord I just wanna decree that You’ve created a place between our countries that was meant to be a seam that would be mutually beneficial, mutually good. And Father there are other influences that have come to cut holes in the pocket and there’s money that’s falling out through that hole that is an ungodly robbing and there’s ungodly trafficking going across. So Father we just say right now You are going to restitch this seam in such a perfect way. Lord we declare and we decree that that place is gonna be stitched back together where there is no hole, where there is no leakage, where there is no, it’s like a place that the bridge is out, so to speak. Lord we just say there’s coming together a new seamlessness at our southern border. And Lord there’s something about the coffers, You’re gonna restore the coffers correctly. You’re gonna restore the fortunes that have been stolen even from the border and from that flow. So Father we thank you right now that we decree it done, we decree You’re doing it now by Your hand. And as we go, Lord, we say Your Word goes before us and we’re gonna pick up the spoils.

Chuck Pierce – Now this is what, this is how Haggai says it, it’s nothin’ wrong with you to build a mansion this big, but you can’t build your own house first and leave His house not completed. When you do that He starts shaking and opening up our pockets and everything starts runnin’ out of ’em because we’re not completing our first assignment before we accomplish our second assignment. Look at somebody and say it’s just a divine order God is requiring.

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