Reap in Fields You Did Not Plant

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Dayna Milam
Date Given: July 9, 2023

– Chuck Pierce – Dayna Milam, who’s an apostle from Carthage, Texas brought all this incredible produce from her garden. Now that’s where I grew up. The Lord said, “There’s a lot of fruit coming forth in your life from where you have sowed seeds, where you have an inheritance.” The Lord says, “Call forth the fruit now.”

– Dayna Milam – Hallelujah. Listen, we planted that garden. I didn’t plant it, someone else did. But I’m reaping the harvest of it. And the Lord began to speak to me and he began to say, “I’m sending you forth not on a field that you have not planted. You will reap where you have not sown.” And I declare right now that in this hour and in this season, we will begin to reap a harvest in a land that we did not sow. We will begin to reap a harvest of seeds that have been planted from our forefathers. Chuck has been in that area for years. Barbara was in that area for years. And I’m declaring, what God has spoken to me I release it to you. He’s sending you forth out into a field that you have not planted. Go and reap in Jesus name.

– Wow.

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