Recovering the Gifts of the First Peoples

Voices: Christine Patu, Chuck Pierce, Eleanor Roehl, Ileen Sylvester, Joe Donnell, Mary Glazier, Peni Patu
Date Given: September 24, 2022

Joe Donnell – Lord, we unite as one people, for Your glory in this hour, Father God. And we declare a release of Your glory. It’s like a fog that’s coming over the nations. And Lord, we just ask that those anointings that that Chuck has prophesied need to be pressed out of these tribes. These anointings will be pressed out of Alaska and Hawaii, and the mainland, and all the tribes will begin to move in a circular fashion. As your glory stirs, Lord, and the winds are released, Father, in the name of Jesus, Lord. Can we have, uh, just an agreement from Alaska? An agreement from Hawaii?

Elenor Roehl – And I say to you, that this day I am causing Heaven and Earth to come together and kiss and yield forth her increase, says the Lord. Even as I release the four angels from into the four corners of the Earth. I say to you, this day, that you are uniting not only in the Heavenlies, but in the Earth realm, and in the supernatural, says the Lord. And now you will see a supernatural movement that you have not seen or experienced yet. For I say to you, now, a new supernatural movement and birthing starts, and begins the birth pains even in the Earth realm, says the Lord. Now, you will see the tribes come together and there shall be a marrying of the tribes and a marrying of Heaven and Earth, says the Lord. And now you shall see the increase.

Mary Glazier – And from the north, there has been a thunder that’s been released in the Heavens. And you see a violent reaction in the Earth as the power of the Lord is beginning to move, and it’s causing a transformation in the Heavenly realms. For the wickedness of the enemy is being cast down, even as we join together in unity. For the heavens are being shaken, and a gate has now been opened in the north for the glory of the Lord to pour out of that gate, down through the United States, Mexico, South America. And there is a rumble that’s rolling around the Earth and all of the peoples will hear a sound, and some will wonder in fear, but others will rise up and praise, for God is on the move, and His people have heard the voice of the Lord saying, Go, now. Prepare the way. I am coming, saith the Lord.

Ileen Sylvester – So, even as you’re roaring has gone up from the Heavens, the Heavens are roaring, and what I saw was there was like a release of these gold coins that are falling down,

Chuck Pierce – Whoa, whoa!

Ileen Sylvester- new resources

Chuck Pierce – Reach up, reach up, reach up.

Ileen Sylvester – for everything that the Lord has for you this day.

Peni Patu – Speaking in Samoan

Christine Patu – Chanting in Hawaiian

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. We call you forth from the north, from the south, from the east, and from the west. You will arise, you will arise, you will arise in this time and in this hour, in Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now, as you look at this, this is what America look like. In this year, called Divine Recovery, we want to recover the gifts from the people that were spread across this land. So by Passover, our assignment, is to pray for release of each gift from each tribe.

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