Remove Passivity From Your Foundation

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 5, 2020

Chuck Pierce – There’s something we need to repent of in the body of Christ if you have passivity as part of your religious foundation you’re gonna have to remove it this hour. Calvinism, que sera sera, if God wants to do it He’ll do it. That wasn’t what happened at Passover, that wasn’t what happened during Yeshua’s time there was an active faith required of his people they had to move forward, they had to kill the Passover lamb, they had to put blood on their door, they had to advance through the Red Sea, they had to move– they got to giants, they quit moving, they tried to go backwards, the Lord said “Renounce fear in your bloodline” “Those giants have been waiting “and waiting for you to confront them.”

The Lord says “This is a time we must advance, “this is a time we must go forward.” Our passivity will be the new norm, I say in the midst of this, do not make passivity a new norm in your life break that structure in your life and rise up saith the Lord. Here’s what God is saying to us today, there’s a way for us to keep moving, don’t ever let the enemy put a defeatist mentality in you, don’t ever think that God isn’t big enough to give you a creative idea to sustain you. Widow all you gotta do– all I’ve got is a little oil, a little cake and a stick, make it, make it up, lasted three years after that plus. God has ways, God has ways. Father we cry out right now You have ways, You have means, You are what we need now through out the lands you are what we need in this land and we say every voice that rises against you from this day forward shut it’s mouth in Jesus name.

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