Receive His Cleansing Power & Remove Condemnation

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Linda Heidler
Date Given: February 23, 2020

– [LeAnn Squier] – I saw a key for harvest going forward, that I wanna put out there. I just saw it and it makes perfect sense. As were dealing with different groups of people and, you know, we you know are gonna encounter all sorts of people. And, of course I think about that LGBTQ Community and all of that when I saw the picture, but here’s what the Lord said to me He said one thing He said, “There is no condemnation in love.” There is no condemnation in love and condemnation would be like a life sentence. It would be the gavel has fallen and, you know, it’s over for you. That’s what condemnation would look like. But God just said there’s no condemnation in love so as we’re moving forward into these different groups of people and God is sending us out into different ways and places, just remember just use that as a Litmus Test. Just say, you know, is there any condemnation in anything that is coming out of me, out of my mouth, you know out of my attitude and instead having an attitude of just rescue. You know we all have lost our way at some point in this life, has anybody else lost their way at some point? And so we can walk in humility because we know we deviated from the path, maybe some of us swung out a little wider over here over there, but we were all off the path. So just going forward, just remember: go back and look at the perfect love of God look at Corinthian’s 13 and just use that as a Litmus Test and just say, “Lord am I in your love, because if I am they’ll be no condemnation as I speak into these different groups of people, and there will only be the love of God that just over arches it all.

[Chuck Pierce] – Now condemnation is like this sticky, sugary spider web that just encases you. If any of you feel like you’re under condemnation, for some reason, stand up right now I wanna get that web off of you. Where the enemy has condemned you over mistakes, whether the enemy has condemned you because you’ve said by the words of your mouth, you’ve said things that you shouldn’t. Where the enemy’s condemned you by other people, the word of God says no man condemns you. The spirit of God will convict you, but only hell will condemn you. Now right now I decree that web is being pulled off. There’s nothing you could do to put a life’s- and if you – I see people they say well what if I blaspheme the Lord? I said you couldn’t even be here. Still seeking in church if you blaspheme the Lord. You wouldn’t wanna even be near this place, your heart would be seared. Right now I decree every sticky word of condemnation that’s speaking to you and dwelling on you. I unwind it, I pull it off, I remove it in Jesus name. I say it will not be able to hold you captive in any way. No action all you have to do is open your mouth and say “Lord forgive me for that.”

[Linda Heidler] – In first John 1:9 it says if we confess our sin He’s faithful to forgive and to cleanse. And we get the forgiveness part, but we don’t get the cleansing part. The forgiveness is for Him. He says there’s nothing between us anymore. But that residue of memory sticks to us that residue of guilt or shame sticks to us, and that’s what condemnation attaches to. It says I remember what you did. I remember what you said, I remember how you failed and condemnation just sticks to that memory but the Lord says, I don’t want you just forgiven, I want you cleansed. He said said my blood cleanses you from all sin. It cleanses you from the penalty, it cleanses you from the memory, it cleanses you from the condemnation of it. Now if you have felt that condemnation sticking to you, receive the blood of Jesus, receive the power of His cleansing. It is not just your forgiveness, imagine Him taking His blood and washing you so there is no condemnation you are cleansed.

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