Reversing the Power Set Against You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: November 26, 2023

Michelle Hadley – And I saw a clock that begin to go the opposite direction, counterclockwise, and then it started to speed up and speed up. And I said, “What is that, God, what are you doing?” He said, “I’m allowing my people to redeem the time.” He said, “I’m even turning back the clock on your appearance, on your organs, in your body. You won’t look the same. You won’t feel the same. You’ll feel I’m giving you back your youth.” I heard Him say it so clearly. We receive.

Chuck Pierce – I’m reversing. I’m reversing. I’m reversing that which seemed to be set against you. I’m reversing and causing you to return to a place that I once set you forth from. I say, “You all accelerate now for I am time,” sayeth the Lord, “And I can return you and get you quickly to where I would have you be.”

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