Revise Us for a Greater Glory

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: April 25, 2021

LeAnn Squier – Okay. So when I came in here today, James was singing. We were just warming up for the band and everything. And he was singing revive us. But every time he sang it, I heard a different word and it was so tangible and loud and clear that I kept thinking, is he singing a different word? But here’s what I heard. He was saying, revise us. Revise us, revise us. Change us. Revise. When you have a revision, it’s like a book revision. You go back in and you make the necessary changes. And I’m also was hearing, as Keith prophesied over Chuck, Your latter house will be greater more glorious than your former. More glorious. Okay. So what has to happen? There is a decided end to the old. There is a day when we, there is a cutoff. There is a cutoff. It’s like when Israel, they left Egypt and they pass through the red sea. They didn’t just like pass over. They passed over.

They- they completely changed the land that they were standing on. Think about it. There was a decided end. And decided beginning. And there is something here today I do not want us to miss. And that is that God, when He makes the revision, He puts in place those necessary changes that you will agree with. Do you agree with the changes that God is wanting to make? So your- the glory of your latter house can be greater? He wants greatness. He wants prosperity. He wants the increase of His spirit, of His kingdom. He wants so much more for us than we want for ourself. but it’s like, we embrace the revision. We embrace the change. We let You change us. We let You revise us. We let You redo us. We let You transform us. Lord, We put down the things of the past season, and we say a new way, a new day, a new thought, a new vision, Lord God we allow You to revise and bring the greater glory. Bring the greater glory. Bring the greater glory. This house has had glory. There’s no doubt this house has had so much glory. Can you imagine that there is something so much greater? That God has something so much greater! Much more wonderful, Lord, we receive the greater, the greater, the greater, the greater, the greater!

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