Revival Fires Are Coming Again

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: April 16, 2022

Barbara Wentroble – And I keep hearing the spirit of the Lord say, “I am the lifter of your head, and that that’s tried to hold your head down in days past, God said, “Look up, for your redemption draws nigh.” And I say, “I am lifting your head in this hour, and you’re going to see the plans and the future, that I have for you.” For God says, “This is a season of God restoring that that got missed 40 years ago.” I don’t know what happened, but God said there were those that came in, that disguised themselves as the prophet of the Lord, but God said, “There was deception there.” And God said, “I’m breaking the power, even of the guilt that caused you to embrace something that was not Me.”

For the Lord said, “On the inside of you, you knew it was wrong, you just didn’t know how to identify it.” But I say, “I’m opening your eyes now.” And I said, “You’re going to know the truth, the truth is going to set you free, for I’m unlocking even the prophetic gift that I put within you.” I say, “You’re going to see the truth.” I say, “Your eyes are going to be open in a new way.” And I said, “No more will the enemy be able to come in, and disguise himself as truth, when I am the spirit of truth,” says the Lord. I say, “Get ready for I say, there’s a new revival fire that I am releasing within you, and that that I tried to start so long ago, and the fire got put out.” I say, “I’m coming and I’m blowing My wind on the coals.” For I say, “The fire did not go out, it diminished but it did not go out.” I say, “Now there is a roaring flame of fire, that I’m releasing within My people.” God said, “You were created for fire.” And I say, “That that you were created for, now it rises up.” And I say, “Revival comes to My people once again.”

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