Save Now and Send Prosperity

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: September 10, 2023

Keevy Phillips – I hear the Lord saying for us to do something specific at the end of this year crossing over into the next year. He said, “Declare over my people Psalms 118 and 25, save now, O, Lord, I pray thee and send now prosperity.” Father, as we cross over, as we continue the process of divine recovery, as we give today, we say Lord, save us now and send prosperity. I say as you go through your gate this year, every step you take, you shall have prosperity if you have faith. I say over this offering, Lord, we lift it up as a memorial to you today and we say save now and send prosperity to our barns, to our bodies, to our health. Lord, send prosperity to your people in Jesus’ name.

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