Say So to My Way

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Marty Cassady
Date Given: November 4, 2018

– [Chuck Pierce] – I say to you, “I have a way. I have a way today, but you must, as the Redeemed, say so. Say so to My way and you will see My way. Say so to My way and you will see My way, for there are stairs and there are high places and low places, but I say My way will be made straight. Say so and I will straighten your path For you are walking some in low places when your path is in higher places.” I say, “Say so and you will see the stairs to the higher way.” Take the higher path this week. Take the higher path this week.

[Marty Cassady] – That word so, say so, I just looked it up. You wanna know what it means? It means to properly set up right and so the Lord said, “Even the battle lines that I have for you this week have fallen in very pleasant places and I have assigned you to wherever you will be, and you will fight the good fight.

[Chuck Pierce] – Say so!

– [Congregation] So!

– So!

– So!

– That means you’re setting things up right and in order. That that redeemed path will come into play.

[Keevy Phillips] – For the Lord says to you today, “Hold onto your neighbor and let your shield of faith and my shield of faith, and the next person’s shield of faith begin to make a wall to hold the bombardment of the enemy this week. Say, “So,” to faith and say, “No,” to fear and unbelief. Say, “So,” to prosperity and say, “No” to poverty this week. Grab onto your neighbor and begin to resist the devil, begin to resist the devil and he will flee. Let your shield of faith and my shield of faith together push back, push back, push back the darkness of hell, says the Spirit. Say, “So!”

[Chuck Pierce] – All of you at home, all of you on the well, all of you in your groups, say, “So!”

– [Congregation] So!

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