Say Yes for I Am Seated and I Am Sorting

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Venner Alston
Date Given: September 23, 2022

Amber Pierce – Today Chuck asked me to read a very large part of Genesis. So I read from Genesis chapter 20 to Genesis chapter 40. And what I noticed throughout Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was they said yes. The answer to them finding prosperity, multiplying, breakthrough, breakthrough was that they kept saying yes. So it’s not complicated, for you to get the breakthrough that you need. Your future looks a lot better than your past. Can you just say that, my future looks better than my past?

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says, do not fear. I am seated and I am sorting. When you see things unraveled, know that I am sorting out so I can re-thread the machine that will be used in days ahead.

Venner Alston – And you will see “suddenlies” all around your cities, and you will see suddenly moments in the nations of the earth, even as suddenly there was a queen and now there is a king. Watch what I do, in the UK. Suddenly, says the Lord, you will see things upside down and then I, the sovereign one, will turn them right side up. For I am the lamb that sits upon the throne. And I say, now, as you said yes, look again For your yes has changed your perception, and you will begin to see things from My vantage point, and you will begin to see things through My eyes, says the Lord. Suddenly upside down, and suddenly right side up. I Am the lamb that sits upon the throne.

Chuck Pierce – And because you said yes, drought is not going to bother you any longer. Because you’ve said yes, famine is already breaking over your life Because you said yes, you’re going to find out how your enemies covered over things that were meant for you in last season. Because you’ve said yes, you are going to move into a new expanded place where you say I can finally breathe again because the spirit of God is invigorating me.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord will say to you, I am setting a table of diverse delicacies in front of you and eat before you what I place before you, says the Lord. For there is multiple, multiple delicacies that are coming before you this hour and the Lord’s saying, I am going to prosper you in new ways. Prosperity will come through your ability to eat the diverse things I place in front of you this hour. Says the Lord, taste and see, for I have many flavors that I desire to season your bread with and this hour, says the Lord, taste and seed that I am good. Don’t refuse what I’m putting in front of you to eat. For what you’ve called clean and unclean in one season, I’m calling clean in this season, says the Lord. People you have said are dirty in last season will become to the front and lead the battle ahead. Eat the delicacies, the diverse delicacies that are placed in front of you this hour and watch how I prosper you in days ahead, says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Look at somebody and say, the days of my picky eating is over. Now, for the last year I had to go through a very intense time and the Lord said, When you eat, you eat eight bites before Me, and you decree that your taste will become new, and you decree that your stomach will become new. And if you’ll obey Me, for a year to eat eight bites, I’ll see that that which was trying to overtake you, will not overtake you. I said, Lord, just what Amber said to us. I said, yes. I said yes, and I rejoiced and rejoiced and rejoiced again. And new strength, new healing, new power, and new authority and new creativity was released in me. The Lord said, I already have your plan intact. You let Me put it in action, you say yes to it, and I will transform you into a new sharp threshing instrument. I send that out to this nation, and I say to Great Britain, get ready, you’re in God’s sorting hat right now. And watch as He pours the pieces out and makes a new puzzle in days ahead.

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