Sheets of Death & the Covering Hoods are Coming Off

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: January 13, 2020

Chuck Pierce -Shatece just pray in the, pray in tongues for us And let the spirit of God begin to move

Shatece McCleod – (speaking in the Spirit)

Chuck Pierce- I say what sheets of death have covered much over. But I say to you, my people are shaking lose the resurrection power that I have seeded them in the heavens to wear. I say they are going to wear this power and when they step, their steps will remove the sheets. Their steps will remove the sheets. Their steps will remove the sheets. I say sheets of death are now starting to unlock their corners and my people are causing the sheets to be removed.

Keevy Phillips- For the Lord says, I am uncovering the hood of your understanding and intellect, says the Lord. The Lord says that white hood is coming off off your face, and coming off off the way, that you perceive the word of God. The Lord says there’s been too many boundaries as you read my word, it is not flowing like the river that I commanded to flow. Know this day that the white hood of intellect and education that decides to not let my river flow, it is broken in the name of Jesus the son of the living God. Intellect does not rule over the word of God in this land.

Chuck Pierce- Now all over a sudden the Lord said this. The Lord said, “I’m going to start delivering those who have Klu Klux Klan in their blood, I’m gonna start delivering those that are held by the Masonic.” I say and all of the infirmities that work in my people through the Masonic. I say the sheets are coming off.

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