You Are a Key to New Supply Lines

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Linda Heidler
Date Given: July 30, 2023

Linda Heidler – And the Lord says, “This is a time when I’ve said new supply lines need to be opened for the future.” You have looked at that as what’s coming to me? Where is my supply line coming to me? The Lord says, “The supply is in you.” He says, “I’m waiting for my people to unlock the supply that’s in them because it is needed. It is needed. These are the new supply lines that need to be opened.” This is the day the Lord said, “You have the keys, open up. Let what I’ve deposited and built in you be released. Let the supply be released because there are many, many, many who are calling who need what I’ve deposited in you. And it is not gonna come any other way except that my people open up new supply lines of my Spirit, of my provision, of my word, of my deliverance, of my healing, of my prophecy. Open up the supply within you and open up those supply lines.

Chuck Pierce – Put your hand on someone next to you and decree the activation of that opening within them is going on.

LeAnn Squier – And the Lord says, “Some of you have keys to the grain silos where the grain is stored.” And the Lord said, “You will be used to feed in times of famine and lack.” So the Lord says, “Find your key,” those of you who hold the key to the silos that hold the grain and the new wine and the oil.

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