Sing Past the Song of Mourning

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 27, 2023

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says to you I have a song beyond the Trail of Tears. I have a song beyond the healing of the land. I have a song beyond Victory Highway. I have a song in you that will take us, My people with me, now hear what us is, My people with Me to a place of explosion that they’ve not known. The Lord says, don’t listen to the notes that are being sung in the other song because I’m going to pull new notes out of you that will produce a sound that hasn’t been fully expressed yet. It’s already in you. And I will draw it out of you no matter how loudly you have to scream. Because even in the scream, you’ll hear the song sayeth the Lord. Put your hand on somebody around you.

Anne Tate – This morning the Lord spoke to me that I was to bring this to you for the Impact Center. And it’s the song of the nations. And the Lord is calling you to sing the song of the nations that will help them stand in order, so that the Lord can move throughout the earth.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says you’re going to have to sing past the tribes that you’re familiar with and the tribes of this land to open up the way of where I’m calling even the people of your blood to express themself. So I say, get ready. I will draw this song out of you, Sayeth the Lord.

LeAnn Squier – Can I just say last night when I saw the vision was a fabric and it was a what it was it was like a garment of mourning and grief. And what I saw was Richelle came in above it and when she said, no more trail of tears, it was like, these shears, have you ever seen them cut fabric? And they just like zoop just like that. That’s what happened. It was like she just zooped right through this garment of mourning that was not only on the native people but over all the people of God. And what I heard the Lord say this morning was she has a new jurisdiction but we also have a new jurisdiction.

Chuck – That’s so God.

LeAnn – It’s a step up in the heavenly’s and it’s that we’re not only identifying with our own culture and our own bloodline, but that Richelle is paved in a spirit. You have paved a way. You have paved a way for this cutting off of this veil of mourning. And so we just declare today, there is a new jurisdiction and a new, I keep hearing the word jurisprudence as well which is a legal term. So there’s a new jurisdiction to establish and to decree everlasting joy. Everlasting. Everlasting means it’s not tied to a circumstance, it just keeps going. It’s up in the heavens, it’s always accessible. We’re walking on the earth realm. But when we ascend, there is that place of everlasting joy. We just tap right back into, and it’s like we have our ups and downs, we have our ebb and flow but we ascend back to the everlasting joy. And even when it says upon our heads, Chuck was talking about the dark spot in the brain, it’s like there’s been a place of religion that says, you need to grieve, you need to cry, you need to be sad. Jesus died. And then there’s a whole resurrection aspect that religion doesn’t really let us see and think on. But He overcame. He overcame it all. We’re living in an eternal victory. We’re living in an eternal joy. We’re living in a realm where there are no more tears. So we just declare right now just a shifting and a ripping of an old garment of mourning in Jesus’ name.

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