I Am Unlocking New Dimensions of Use

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent
Date Given: November 4, 2018

– [James Vincent] – Chuck asked me to share a dream before the message. And I feel like I wanna share this now while we’re in the midst of all this movement, in the midst of all this, whoo, I just man, I feel like fire’s in my bones right now. There’s a lot so I’m gonna read it to you. I dreamt that I was building a part of the retaining wall, if you’ve ever been out there on the new land there’s Jesus built a retaining wall out there on the water; if you heard Chuck tell the dream that he had about the retaining wall. I was building a part of the retaining wall on the water at GSC. It wasn’t like the continuation of the wall, but I was using the foundation that Jesus built. The strange dynamic was although I was building it there, I wasn’t building it there. If that makes any sense, it was actually somewhere else like some other city or country or something. Well, Celestine Pierce, she called me to meet her in the back between Solomon’s porch and the new land. She started showing me all the vegetables that were growing along the fence, which was wooden instead of chain-link. There were huge elephant ear plants and huge greens. The greens were like huge, bigger than any greens I had ever seen. I was pretty wowed by their size, she then walked me to the water where there were more huge, edible plants and I wondered if anyone realized that some of these plants were actually edible because they didn’t look like typical veggies. When I saw them I knew, from I guess, my garden experience that these were edible plants but I knew that people wouldn’t really recognize that they were edible. So Celestine mentioned something about the cabbage, she pointed like thirty to forty feet away from us and it sounded like she said that they weren’t going to harvest it. I wasn’t sure what she said, so I asked her to repeat but she had already moved on and was actually kind of confused by my question. But by this time we were squatting down by the water. She pointed to the water and said something about Guyana, the country Guyana, in South America. There was strange, somewhat large centipede-like bugs in the water that were crawling in and out of this huge, I’m sorry, I keep touching this screen and it keeps messing up. They were crawling in and out of this huge, long transparent thing. This is like the centipedes looked like something you would see like an alien movie or something like that. Or maybe a documentary about like the rainforest or whatever. Suddenly, a white snake looking thing about 18 inches or so long slithered into that same little entry that the bug things were crawling in and out of. This was all happening in the water. I then began to examine the thing they were crawling in and out of and realized it looked like the shed skin of a huge snake. People started coming to see and began to marvel at the fact that if there’s a shed skin of a huge snake, then there must be a huge snake somewhere in the water. There was a little girl standing near me who looked to be maybe Asian or somewhere, one of those Oriental type countries, but she could have been Hawaiian since Celestine was right there Celestine was to my left, this little girl was about 5 feet to my right. I looked more closely at the snake skin and noticed it looked pretty thick. Then I looked at its head and was like, this is a trick. This isn’t just skin, it’s an actual snake. So I got up and moved away from the water. The snake had to be upwards of about 20 feet. Others followed my lead but it seemed like Celestine was still squatting down by the water, perhaps she was in a safe position. The little girl, however, didn’t move either. Suddenly, the snake raised it’s head out of the water. I yelled to the girl, “Move!”, but she just stood there, oblivious and smiling like she was in la-la land. I yelled the same thing again and other people joined in yelling warnings to the little girl. When I realized she didn’t even notice the snake, I ran to her, grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the water. Then the snake went back into the water and that’s when I woke up. Wow

[Chuck Pierce] – Wow. Celestine are you still in here, you’ve got a baby. This dream is very, very significant. First of all, it’s the fourth dream that has been had by someone, including one myself eight years ago, of the place we’re on. So it becomes very significant for us to hear through it. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to prophesy what I hear and then we’re going to ponder this dream. We will put these dreams together, it’s four distinct dreams linked in to this and send them out because I believe they are so significant for our future and where we’re headed and the only way we can enter in is to move. Look at somebody and say, “move”. Now look at somebody and shout, “move”. And it was like, it was like the next generation is hypnotized by the supernatural dimension of what’s happening around them and the Lord says they’re about to wake up and we’re going to help them wake up. But let me prophecy this, I don’t know that James would have known this but the elephant ear in Hawaii is poi and that’s their staple. And so, see here in America, we don’t even eat it. It’s their staple in Africa and in the island nations, so that is really speaking to me for our future. That there are things in you that can be pointed out from you over how to prosper in days ahead. Celestine started out pointing out things she knew we could prosper with. Now hear what I’m saying to you, there’s some things that you know we can prosper with that no one else knows. And the Lord is going to start having you say and it’s not going to be hard and it’s not going to be something wrong, you’re going to know the one thing that you know is sustenance that leads you to prosperity and causes you to enter in to a new taste and development that no one else knows. And what it’s going to do is start unlocking a multi-dimensional, cultural shock to the enemy and to his kingdom because we’re going to start entering into use that we’ve never used before. This becomes very important, put your hand on somebody and say, “new, new, new dimensions of use” because what it says is there is an enemy waiting to come over the wall, there’s an enemy that is waiting that is even deceptive to most people because see, the snake dream I had out there that I stepped on, that snake and I realized Momma was somewhere else. Was half white, half leopard. So when James sent this to me on the plane when I was flying home last night, I said, we see what the white one has and in the middle of it is all these centipedes which are varied and we’re going to have to look at that and see what it looks as an adaptation of things to come and enemies that can move very quickly and has multi-level of movement and I said, now we’ve got to find the leopard snake and I said when it totally manifests it from these two, it had seven heads. Now hear what I’m saying to you, we are entering into a new season of war because war is on the wall. I’m going to say it again, war is on the wall. Do not be deceived and that includes this thing coming through Mexico right now. Don’t be deceived, war is on the wall and in the midst of it, we are coming into new levels of causing a new generation to see the enemy that’s coming toward them and also, we are coming into a new season to unlock edible, provisional dimensions that we’ve never unlocked because God has already coded it in you what will cause us to prosper in days ahead. Now look at somebody and say, “decode prosperity”.

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