Stand Up and Decree in Authority

Voices: Anne Tate
Date Given: July 23, 2023

– Anne Tate – There is such a roar coming up from the body of Christ in this season. I saw that a new manner of man is getting ready to stand up and it’s you and me and you. It’s all of us getting ready to stand up in who we’re called to be, believing the authority that the Lord has for us. We’re gonna say, wars will stop, and wars will start, and we’re gonna keep up with the things that are decreed and we will pursue them. And know we’ll keep a record of when they’ve come forth. We will start and stop in new ways. We will begin to see our covenant God in action as we stand in agreement and bring forth what he’s asking us. There will be such a roar that comes up from the body of Christ, no matter what is going on, no matter what is happening out here. We know our God, and we know he’s here, and he’s moving with us.

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