Step Into a Love Revolution

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Penny Jackson
Date Given: June 4, 2023

Amber Pierce – And the Lord would say to you that “I have a treasure for each one of you.” Every single one of you that are going to camp, there’s a treasure that God is gonna unlock for you, and it’s gonna be a revolutionary moment for you, that you will not forget. God says… Put your hands up. Father, we release these keys into their hands, Father. And Father, we thank you that they were born for this time. I knew all the things that would be in your face, in your ears, in your eyes, and I called you for this time. And I knew, I knew everything that was gonna be opposing you and against you. But the Lord says, “I chose you, and I have anointed you to stand against the giants.” The Father says, “You are giants.” You are giants, and you have been ordained for this time.

Chuck Pierce – Now, Amber, wait a minute. I want you to loose that over us. That is a word for today. Starting with them, you need to hear this word, loose it over us.

Amber Pierce – The Lord say to you, “I am pouring out a love revolution. Jump into My movement. I have a love revolution that all of you, for every single one of you, it’s an anointing and a gift of love. But this is the revolution that will cause My kingdom into advance. This is the revelation that will cause many, many lost people to come into the harvest, Father.” We thank you for these keys, Father, and we extend them, Father. We thank you for a gift, a gift that hasn’t been seen that hasn’t been heard or known of. Father, we thank you for unlocking that gift, Father, and we say, now is the time. Now is the time. Thank you, Lord, that this is the time over your people. Raise your hands, raise your hands. And the Father says that there’s a gift of faith even that I’m releasing that’s more than you’ve ever known in your whole entire life. There’s a gift of faith and a gift of love that God is extending to every single one of us.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, wow.

Penny Jackson – And I say, I say that this is a new generation and you are an entity to yourself but you are not by yourself. You will be grafted with the next generation above you and the next generation. You will not move in isolation, although you’re very different than some of us are. But we will go forth as one. You will be a big part. I don’t care if you’re 10 years old or 75, you will be a big part. So although you’re different, you will meld together with all of us and we’ll win this battle.

Chuck Pierce – Now hear, that’s from someone who served these generations for over 40 years as a teacher. Let me tell you something, kids, there are people going before you. There are people coming behind you and the Lord says, “you awaken to what you’re called to be right now so we can be complete.” We send you forward.

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