Step Into the Glory Realm

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 1, 2023

LeAnn Squier – And I hear the Lord saying you have fastened yourself to an earthly clock. And when that time runs down, it wears you out. It’s a dragging through the day. It’s a cycling and a dragging. And the Lord said, I am asking you to step into a time dimension that is not this earth time dimension that it is an eternal dimension where the reaper overtakes the sower, where the reaper overtakes the sower. The Lord says, the time lags that you’ve known and the hope deferred that you’ve known. The Lord said if you will but step out of this dimension and into Mine, you will begin to understand how this really works and how time works. And so the Lord is just saying if you feel like you’ve been dragging, it’s because you’re in submission to an earthly definition of time. So come out of that, be separate, step into My realm. Come to My door, come into My place and begin to observe the how the seasons and the the times of earth change and move. And yet you will not need to be subject to them. Come into the eternal realm.

Chuck Pierce – Hear this word. Wherever you are, God’s saying it. Step. Step. There’s a glory realm I’m asking you to step into. This morning when I got up, I seldom wear these shoes. And the Lord said, I want you to step as if you are walking in the glory realm wherever you walk today, Lord, we receive this word. We receive this word. Wherever you are out there, step. Step. Step into that glory realm. Step into that glory realm.

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