Step Out of the Box of Conformity

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 29, 2023

LeAnn Squier – And I hear the Lord say, “Why do you keep squeezing yourself down into the box of conformity? Why do you keep squeezing yourself down in, to fit in?” The Lord says, “I’m a great God, and My people are to be great in the Earth and be mighty and do exploits.” The Lord says, “Eye have not seen, nor ear heard nor has entered into the heart of the things that I’ve prepared for those that love Me.” And the Lord says, “I’m calling you to step up, step up, step up again. Step up again.” The Lord says, “I’m calling you to a new level of greatness, as I am great,” says the Lord. “So shall you be. So shall you stand, head and shoulders above of the people of the Earth. The Lord says, “I’ve made you big so you can lead. I’ve made you big so you can be a flag that they can watch, a standard that they can follow.” So the Lord says, “Rise up, rise up, and get out of that box.” And the Lord says, “I’m giving you a new posture. You’ve been slumping down.” But the Lord says, “I tell you to stand up. Stand up, stand up. Stand up in the Earth. No more hanging over the shoulders.” The Lord says, “I’m giving you wings to fly over the powers of the enemy.” And the Lord says, “you shall stand upright and even be a vav in the Earth.”

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