Swift Moving Champions of Harvest

Voices: Anne Tate, Bob McGregor, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: March 6, 2022

Anne Tate – The Lord has given me such a word. He specifically wanted it to be delivered to you on this First Fruit day in the month of Adar II. It is the month of Naphtali, the day of a deer let loose. He is one who uses beautiful or glistening words. Naphtali was to have words with the glory on them. We all know that your words have the glory of God, however, the Lord says you are receiving a double portion of that glory and grace of this anointing today. The Lord would say to you, “You’re about to enter the greatest days of your life, the greatest days of your ministry. This is that for which I have kept you, trained you, and I am healing you. You are now entering into the times of, and even greater things shall you do.

I am redefining for you what it means to have men lay their gifts at the feet of the apostle. They will lay their gifts and you will sharpen them, deploy them, complete them, and send them to the right place at the right time to deliver the exact spiritual gifts and combinations of gifts needed to secure a victorious kingdom outcome. It is time now to go beyond the times and executions of the early apostles and church fathers. I am the Lord and I never go back. I only go forward. This is the beginning of, and greater works than these shall you do. I am releasing great anointing to you to pioneer the release of My rare and costly finishing oil. There was a unique oil released at the time of the first apostles to start, to propel, to establish. You will carry forward, and once again, deploy companies of apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors, and watchmen with great specificity throughout the world, carrying this singular anointing to finish and once again, overturn the plans of men and worldly forces.

False thrones constructed and occupied by demonic entities will fall. I have molded you to carry My call, My oil. Men and women will begin to come and lay their First Fruit gifts at My altar and submit them to you as unto Me for the building of the kingdom. And through you, they will build layer upon layer, brick upon brick, and with the plumb line I am placing within you, it will stand. I have begun to open eyes and issue calls to many, and they will emerge in your house from the fog of chaos and pledge a fullness of alignment because they have seen that little becomes much in My hand. They will carry gifts and manifestations not seen in the former church age. They will come sharpened, honed, teachable, adjustable, malleable. I am placing an increase of of My skill and wisdom and vision in your hands. The gifts of healing and the array of miracles will go into another dimension other generations have never seen before, because I only move forward, never doing the same thing the same way twice.

This is the time of, and greater things shall you do. The current generations are even now learning to live in the presence and glory of the third heaven where they are surrounded in My peace and My healing virtue, loosing not just an act or replica but the actual essence of who I am. Today, your hands becoming My potter’s hands. My people led by My spirit, will overcome the world in the spirit of this age. There will be times that you will be baffled by what you see and know, and by the boldness with which you will move, you are right. It is the end of Saul’s reign and the beginning of the eternal reign of David. Watch, as I am aligns the times and seasons. Your feet on their necks will reassemble My foot stool, and My glory will cover the earth as the sent ones go who carry My word, My power, My anointing, My healing. You will laugh with Me as I sit at top the circle of this earth and laugh at My enemies. The joy of I am will be your strength for I am has woven His name deep within yours. And this people, you will elevate beyond the reach of the enemy and liberate the liberators. Yes, My son, you are called for the great I am for the healing of the nations and that season and times for you, has just began. Let the champions cry out!

Chuck Pierce – Anne, hand me that. I’ma wave it over everybody here as a wave offering. Lord, we take this word. Extend your hands, all of you on the web. Father, we loose this, we wave it across the nations right now. We wave it into all of those that are ready to move forward as champions of harvest. Father, we loose this right now, as we advance into this season. Now I have something I wanna ask. Lord, cause us to see You high and lifted above the nations. Let us see You being displayed and know it is You that is reigning in the nations. We will not fret because of evil doers, we will watch as You raise Yourself high and cause nation after nation to see that You are the King of all nations.

Bob McGregor – As I was standing here worshiping, the Lord showed me a lot of streams, a lot of tributaries, and they were flowing into Chuck. And the Lord says, I’m gathering these into a river. The healing that we have prayed for as a body, one by one, group by group, have come together into the river of life. And the Lord says, “I’m pouring into you a strength that you’ve not known before because you have many miles yet to go.” And the Lord says to you, “Don’t think that I haven’t heard every word you’ve spoken. I’ve heard each prayer, each word, and I’ve gathered them up, and I will use them for My glory through My church.”

Chuck Pierce – Father, we say, make us a swift current, make us a swift current, make us a swiftly moving current wherever we go. And we say the force behind the current will cause every log jam to break up in Jesus name.

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