The Age of War and Triumph

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: March 6, 2022

LeAnn Squier – (Singing in the Spirit) ♪ Lift your voice, lift your voice, lift your voice ♪

Chuck Pierce – Just let the Spirit rise up. Let the Spirit in you rise up. Just praise Him. Sing in the spirit, sing with words, sing without words. “And I say to you, I’m filling your hands “with lariat ropes.” And you, what you’ve been chasing, the Lord said, “Get in My motion and you’ll rope it and tie it,” saith the Lord.

Janice Swinney – “For this triple grace that I have released to you,” the Lord said, “is for the war season “that you’re standing in, and these wars “have already been won, recorded in My book of wars. “This is the wars of the end of the age. “So step into that grace that I have empowered you with, “to overcome every enemy of your soul.”

Chuck Pierce -Now, I want you to remember this service today Remember this service, God had you here. God had you connect. God will have you watch this. This is the beginning of the age of war and triumph. Shout it out loud, war and triumph, war and triumph, war and triumph.

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