The Angelic Is Breaking Through to Change Atmospheres

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Maria Layton, Suzanne Harrington
Date Given: April 29, 2020

Maria Layton – I feel that I need to share this. Yesterday morning I had a dream. I don’t see angels. I never dream of angels, but we were driving and something shot from heaven. It was the brightest light I have ever seen, and when it shot from heaven, that same white iridescent light went like a disk and just went outward all over the earth. And as we continue to drive two more shot down from heaven on my right side and we began to drive, but we drove into what they were doing. And as we turned, I was able to see this huge angel and he had a ball of just light in his hand, and it swirled and it turned and it moved. And as it moved he turned and he dropped it. And each time he dropped it, lightning and thunder came forth and that same white disc was released in the earth. When I woke up, I woke up like this because again, I never dream of angels or see them, it was 4:22 and then all of a sudden lightning and thunder began. That was yesterday morning.

Chuck Pierce – Father, we thank you right now. You’re pressing through to meet your people through the atmosphere. Father, we thank you that your messengers are coming. Now, I will share this at the … Before 9/11 happened and after 9/11 happened, I had written “Future War of the Church”, so we did huge gatherings. One in Indianapolis and one in California. And before 9/11 happened, this gathering in Indianapolis, this white powerful light, we were worshiping just like we were worshiping here, came down, hit the stage and the stage began to illuminate blue. We have this on tape and the Lord said, “I am breaking through to change atmospheres “and awaken my people. “I must grow you hotter than what you have been. “I must walk you in to a new fiery dimension “so that my fiery messengers and you become one.”

LeAnn Squier – Right before she started sharing about the dream I was standing here and I saw two balls of light. One was in each hand, before she said a word, and I thought, what are these in my hands? I had no point of reference, but apparently the Lord is causing us to work with the angelic realm to accomplish His will. He’s giving us help and so just lift up your hands and receive. I saw them almost like crystal, transparent, white iridescent balls of light in each hand. And I can’t believe this has just happened.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “I’m taking you into a new dimension “where you have tried to see things naturally “and I have given you spiritual, “a spiritual and I am equipping you with spiritual gifts “in new ways. “And I say to you, “you’re going to be able to throw “that which I’m giving you like disc “and you’re gonna be able to hit what needs to be hit. “I say, you and the angelic hosts “are beginning to work together.”

Suzanne Harrington – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – For your hands and fingers were tied together “and I say, now you were as if webbed, “you were webbed together “where I’m having to loose your fingers for war “and I say, because I’m untying your fingers, “now you’re going to be able to grab hold. “Now you’re going to be able to throw forth. “I say to you, I am releasing my peoples “hands to work miracles as in the days of old. “Get ready for your fingers are being untied “and your feet are being unclasped “and you will now walk into “and see beyond what you could see.”

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