The Blood of Jesus Can’t Be Contained

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 3, 2019

Robyn Vincent – I wanna share this testimony because this happened yesterday. James and I, we were in our bedroom and all of a sudden we heard this crash. And when we went outside it was a frame, it’s a picture that we have that says, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus covers this home and this family. And I was ready to put it back together, but there was no way could put it back together. The glass had been shattered. The frame had been broken. So today we were passing out the communion elements and all of a sudden my cup of the juice, which is symbolic of the blood, toppled over. And it was like the Lord was saying, I will not be contained.

The blood of Jesus. The revelation of the blood of Jesus will not be framed, it will not be contained, it will not be hanging on shelves in this season. The Lord says that I am releasing a fresh revelation to my body. And what I heard… What I heard the Lord saying is I’m looking for my people to reintroduce the blood to their situation. It was as if the Lord was saying, now speak the blood to that thing. Speak the blood to that situation. He said, it’s time for you to introduce the blood to it. He said, because that is the path of redemption. That is the path of resurrection. That is the path of reconciliation. The Lord says, introduce the blood!

Barbara Wentroble – I am opening a fountain in the house of the Lord. And God says there is a fountain of blood that is opening up in the house in a new way. And for all that would step under the flow of that fountain there’s going to be such deliverance. There’s going to be such healing. The Lord said, this is a fresh fountain of the flow of the blood of the Lamb. And God says, do not wait for another season to step under that flow. For I say, I’m even causing faith to rise up in a new way.

For where you had believed Me in days past, I say you will be like that one that said, Lord I believe now increase my faith. God says, I’m increasing your faith to believe for the miraculous today. I’m believing. God says, you’re believing for the Lord to even cause you to step into that that you could not possess before. So God says, know that there’s a fountain of blood that is opening up in the house of the Lord. And there’s a fresh flow of the blood and the life of the Lord and it’s for whosoever will. I say step into that flow and watch the mighty miracles that I will do in your life.

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